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Biog (Brief)

2022 saw the departure of David “Bucket” Turner on guitar the band wish him the best in all things new. They welcome onboard Ken Johnson of die-hard NWOBHM faves “Blitzkrieg. Ken spent 15 years with Blitzkrieg touring all over the world and writing numerous albums with the band.

After 1997’s Album “Cast in Stone” the mighty Abaddon leaves Venom and decides it’s time to give priority to his own projects, as the owner of his own recording studio and also a manager of many metal bands he felt his energies needed giving to these projects.

Throughout his career, he never abandoned continuous composing. The first marks are shown in “Holy Man”, a song that only exists in the “In The Name Of Satan” compilation, released in 1994, a period that Venom did not exist either.  

He founded the band ‘Abaddon” and in 2000, he released his first solo album, entitled “I’m Legion”. The sound is totally different from what we used to listen by Venom. Raw metal with shreds of industrial elements! The album sold very well and in 2004 there was another release under the project name Kaos. The CD title was “In Sanity”, and it was an extremely rare 3 tracker cd. Then comes another project under the name “Beneath”, releasing the video song “Fall Away” in 2010, followed by some English gigs and a cooperation with Tysondog! Nowadays the band “Abaddon” is back, with new members and new inspiration. 

2016 sees the release of the EP “The Flowers of Evil” Featuring Roddy B on Vocals, Steve Hoggart on bass and Vocals, Paul Tattersall on Guitar and David “Bucket” Turner on Guitars. The EP is available for digital download from all stores.

Following the sad death of “Roddy B” the band slimed down to a 3 piece, Paul T focusing his energies with both No Way and The Amazing Spacefrogs.

2018 sees the bands first gig as a three-piece appearing at Mearfest North: Check the Media page for review – HERE.

The Cloyne – from the EP “All that remains”

Listen to some tune’s!