Happy Bucket!

Grimm Up North – 08th, 09th, 10th of March 2019 Elizabethan Suite, Bury, Manchester, UK.

Next outing is a local one Newcastle @  

Another lovely little post by Mr. Brian Mear of Mearfest fame!


Just to keep you all interested here’s a lovely picture of Abaddon, More news to come soon and loads of songwriting and re-jigging of old Abaddon tunes going on at the moment.

The sparkly new Web home of all things “Abaddon”. It’s all a bit empty at the moment but don’t panic it will be filling up post haste (Granted not quickly haha)!

Heres a video from the last EP “The Flowers of Evil”

For those of you who use Spotify give the whole EP a whirl, for those of you who do not use Spotify. Why???