2019 Grim Up North Review

Nice review from those lovely people at www.planetmosh.com

From the site:
Next up was Abaddon of course named of the stage name of Tony Bray, ex Venom drummer. Joined by the lead vocals and bass guitar duties from Steve Hoggart and the incendiary guitar work of David Turner they charged through an 11 song set of 5 originals and 6 Venom covers. Pick of the originals was set opener ‘Hatred Cage’ that went straight for the throat mainly from the caustic lead vocals from Steve. The 6 Venom numbers began with a suffocating ‘Welcome To Hell’ , a devilishly battered ‘In Nomine Satanus’, a manic leered ‘Burn The Witch’, a booming ‘Countess Bathory, and their pummeling set ended on two knockout blows of a manic ‘Die Hard’ and the black metal genre defining overload of ‘Black Metal. When it all ended an eerie calm spread throughout the room from what we had just witnessed.

For the full days review hit the link below.

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